Regional Councillors: Sr. Maria Deepthi A.C. Sr. M. Olinda A.C. Sr. M. Fabiola A.C. Regional Bursar: Sr. Maria Swetha A.C.

Regional Superior : Sr. M. Winifreda A.C.













The Congregation of the Apostolic Carmel was founded by Venerable Mother Veronica, an English Anglican convert in Bayonne, France, in the year 1868, for the sake of sending missionaries to India and other Countries. It hadto be closed down in France but our congregation continued its growth in India and elsewhere. It not only spread and grew in India but it also moved out of the country to send missionaries in turn to many a country.

The year 1991 was eventful for the Congregation of the Apostolic Carmel as it launched its Mission in Kenya- East Africa. Sr. Mariella, the then Superior General accepted the pressing invitation of His Grace, Nicodemus Kirima, the Archbishop of Nyeri Archdiocese, to run a residential secondary schools for the Natives. This was materialized when the sisters took charge of the Sacred Heart Girls’ Secondary School.

The seed foundation of the Apostolic Carmel in Kiganjo, in Nyeri district took root and gave birth to the establishment of a similar school named Mount Carmel Girls’ Secondary School in Gathugu, Karatina District in 1993. The mission continued to grow and expanded to Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. In the year 1995 a secondary school was opened at Buru Buru through the generosity of Cardinal Otunga of Kenya. This in turn gave rise to other institutions. At present there arenine convents with three secondary schools, seven primary schools, one day care service centreand a medical clinic. Besides the apostolate of education our sisters are also engaged in Parish apostolate and Social outreach.

The Kenya mission of the Apostolic Carmel mission in Kenya was raised to a Region on 4th December, 2010in order to facilitate its growth and for effective functioning with this new status as the region. Sr. M. Susheela A.C. was appointed as its first Regional Superior and with her election as the Superior General at the general Chapter 2014, Sr. Winifreda was appointed the Regional Superior who took charge on 27th April 2014. In the meantime with the starting of a convent and school in Aarusha, Tanzania, the region was re-named as East Africa Region after the starting of a convent and a school in Arusha, Tanzania.At present there are 25 Kenyan Professed sisters out of whomten are finally professed.

The East Africa region of the Apostolic Carmel has made an impact in Kenya with our schools rising towards high ranking even at the national level. We pray that the East Africa Region grow from strength to strength to further the Kingdom of God.