“Experiencing God’s love as ALL-SUFFICING in contemplative prayer lived in a simple, joyful and life-giving community and shared with all especially the poor through education and other apostolic ministries”.


Rooted in and nourished by the two-fold spirit of Contemplative prayer and Zeal for the Kingdom, the Apostolic Carmel expresses the vitality of the Church through contemplative prayer and its fruitfulness in the apostolate of the all round development of persons, specially the poor and the needy, through education based on Gospel values, and other ministries that express the compassionate love of Christ to the people.







To enter the Apostolic Carmel is to enjoy the heritage of Carmel firmly rooted in Prayer; to be drawn to seek God above all things as the single purpose of our lives. Through Prayer and Contemplation, God invites us to receive His message and offers us divine strength to bring His Word to effect in our lives from moment to moment. As we grow in prayer, we become increasingly conscious of our insufficiency and come to the realization that GOD ALONE SUFFICES.