The call of the Church and more specifically the direction of the apostolic exhortation, Vita Consecrata, for Communion and Cooperation with the laity for a renewed spiritual and apostolic dynamism in the Church gave a new direction to religious congregations to share their charism with the laity. The outcome has been the renewal and spiritual growth in the Church of a new experience of communion and cooperation between consecrated persons through their ‘consecrated state’ and the laity through their ‘being in the world’. It provided the Apostolic Carmel Congregation new zest and hope to invite lay Catholics as lay auxiliaries since 1984 and eventually to launch out the movement and association of Apostolic Carmel Associates (ACA) at the General Chapter 1996, with greater confidence and commitment. Through the cooperation of the Provinces and the Local Communities the ACA has made great progress both in numbers and vitality. The Five Province Units and the Units at the Central Administration and the East Africa Region have moved towards the participation of the lay associates has enriched the Apostolic Carmel and the quality of the spiritual life of the ACAs with more and more of the lay associates contributing towards the local church as lay leaders.

While the Provinces have provided the status and scenario of the functioning of the ACA in their respective provinces, the Central administration presents the Bond of Love of the Permanently Affiliated A. C. Associates. Through this site the ACAs can get to know the Permanently Affiliated ACAs across the Congregation and even greet them on the occasion of their birthday, thus build closer bond with one another. The Bond of Love provides the date of birth while the lists from provinces gives their addresses and contact links. May this bring our ACAs closer to one another through prayer and interaction.





Note:  The Bond of Love is of the Permanently Affiliated AC Associates of the Congregation. Their Addresses are indicated against each Province/Region. The list below has the Province Code with Convent Number followed by the Serial number of the ACA in the Address List of the Provinces posted separately which will give you the address and Telephone Number of the ACA who celebrates her/his birthday on the given date. The Province Coordinator will update the Bond of Love whenever new ACAs make their Permanent Commitment.


January 1 S4.57.1955 P.L. Joseph N3.06.1959 Lily Neil
January 2 SL3.20.1948 Mrs.SarojiniTarcisius Fernando
January 3 K8.13.1952 Robert Crasta
January 4 K7.31.1964 Margaret Monteiro
January 5
January 6
January 7
January 8 S11.44.1950 Achamma George SL15.81.1945 Mrs.T. Rasathi
January 9
January 10 S1.33.1957 Philo Eric
January 11
January 12
January 13 K11.15.1943 Thomas D’Souza K3.41.1948 Siveria Martin E1.06.1964 Mrs. Ava Paul
January 13 K11.15.1943 Thomas D’Souza K3.41.1948 Siveria Martin E1.06.1964 Mrs. Ava Paul
January 14
January 15 S1.39.1963 Bridgette Castelino
January 16
January 17
January 18 SL10.42.1947 Mrs. Charmaine Perera
January 19 SL30.119.1953 Loorthu Mary Sivalingam
January 20 K13.78.1947 Leena D’Souza K16.100.1947 Lily Joe
January 21 K14.57.1965 JacinthaRebeiro SL30.120. 1961 Thiviya Christy
January 22
January 23 K15.91.1970 Josephine Sudharshan
January 24 S9.17.1948 Poulin Xavier K13.21.1955 Felcy Miranda S3.9.1960 Mary Pascal SL17.86.1961 Mrs.K.Regina
January 25
January 26 K12.117.1973 Pauline Lasrado
January 27 K2.104.1944 Irene Walder
January 28
January 29 K13.81.1956 Alice Noronha
January 30
January 31 S11.45.1951 C.V. Rosily
February 1 E5.27.1972 Cecilia Rajbhanshi
February 2
February 3 SL17.87.1952 Mrs.D.MariaNesamalar
February 4
February 5 S3.01.1968 Jacqueline Rita Fernandes
February 6 SL13.72.1948 Mrs.Carmel Fernando SL17.88.1952 Mrs.S.Maria Nayaki
February 7
February 8 K12.120.1954 Helen Mathias
February 9 SL13.53.1957 Mrs. Rita Fernando SL13.65. 1957 Mrs.Anoma Fernando
February 10
February 11 K3.39.1948 Lidwin Pinto S3.21.1965 Pushpa Earnest
February 12
February 13 K16.95.1940 Marie Therese Rodrigues
February 14 E3.15.1951 Ursula Minj K14.56.1955 Judith Rodrigues K1.86.1961 Lily Lobo
February 15
February 16 SL13.53.1953 Miss. Irene Perera
February 17 SL3.19.1937 Mrs. I.S .Ockersz
February 18 N6.16.1966 Veronica Sinha N6.13.1972 Philomena Lewis
February 19 K3.44.1947 Gretta D’Souza
February 20
February 21
February 22
February 23 S8.51.1949 T.C. Annie K16.94.1961 Mabel Patricia Sequeira
February 24
February 25 SL13.66.1972 Miss. Nilmini Fernando F5.32.1975 JustilaD’Costa
February 26
February 27 E3.19.1962 Lucy Kujur
February 28 K7.93.1925 Winnie Britto SL89.1969 Mrs.K.Sathiyaseeli
February 29
March 1 K13.79.1937 Christine Miranda
March 2
March 3
March 4
March 5
March 6
March 7 N3.08.1964 Marina Pagnis N11.23.1976 Joyce Francis
March 8 E13.38.1959 Sabrina Lakra
March 9 R.I.P.
K16.8.2016 Octavia Albuquerque
March 10
March 11 SL3.22. 1938 Mrs.Therese Rajaretnam
March 12 K14.54.1968 VinnyPaulin Pinto N11.22.1975 AjitaKujur
March 13 SL2.10.1946 Mrs. P. Nesathurai
March 14 K11.16.1949 Monica Tauro K2.110.1953 Violet Fernandes
March 15 SL17.1978 Mrs.K.Rita Jeyaseeli
March 16
March 17 K13.115.1956 Evelyn Rego
March 18 SL10.41.1939 Mrs. SirilaHerat R.I.P. K5.10.2015 Terry Vas
March 19 SL2.08.1957 Mrs. Yogaranee
March 20 E13.37.1950 Bernadette Rajkumar
March 21
March 22
March 23 S8.55.1972 Joshy C.J. E5.30.1978 Kristina Eddla
March 24
March 25
March 26 S3.10.1954 Tennyson Fernandez
March 27
March 28
March 29 K2.07.1938 Myrtle Pereira
March 30
March 31
April 1 S4.60.1968 Mary Alphonsa Bernard
April 2 S7.30.1963 MagaretSatya SL2.06.1929 Mrs. Lowis
April 3
April 4 K3.11.1953 Celine Alva S3.03 1976 Jancy Forte SL2.11.1964 Mr. M. Jude
April 5
April 6
April 7 K7.32.1934 Pauline Andrade
April 8
April 9 SL19.105.1027 Hyacinth Mary Christobel De Silva K13.80.1953 BenedictaMenezes
April 10
April 11 SL13.63.1957 Mrs. ShyamaliPerera
April 12 N3.04.1964 Helen Peter
April 13 K5.111.1939 Edda D’Souza
April 14 K2.106.1966 Enita M. Rodrigues
April 15
April 16
April17 SL13.56.1953 Mrs. JesinthaAlphonsa
April 18 K3.36.1940 Valerian Ferrao K3.46.1947 Mary D’Souza S7.29.1954 Jayaseeli David
April 19 E3.14.1948 Celine Barla S2.32.1951 Gemma Correa
April 20
April 21
April 22
April 23 K3.45.1947 Helen D’Souza
April 24 SL17.103.1930 Mrs.Gnanamma S9.19.1961 TessyRaphel K19.72.1967 Thomas Ashok Kumar SL13.71.1970 Mrs.Roshani Fernando
April 25
April 26 K8.12.1934 Rita Fernandes K13.25.1966 Cynthia Fernandes
April 27 K19.19.1952 Maggi John
April 28 K2.3.1949 Molly Pinto
April 29 S8.53.1967 ReenaStiffan
April 30 SL3.24.1949 Sebamalai Mary Pathinathan S1.23.1974 Nishi Ann
May 1 K6.63.1940 Felicitas Pinto S8.56.1971 Thankamma M.J.
May 2
May 3
May 4 SL10.35.1952 Mrs. Monica Ethugala
May 5 S11.40.1945 Marykutty Thomas E1.05.1954 Mrs. Sheela Francis S11.43.1957 Teresa Jose SL2.01. 1938 Mary Therese Thomas
May 6 N3.07.1939 M.S. RammohanRao
May 7
May 8 K5.112.1941 Mabel Sequeira SL13.67.1954 Mrs.MeeriumPerera K5.83.1960 Silvian V. D’Souza
May 9
May 10
May 11
May 12 SL3.17.1951 Mercy Juliet Balashanmugam
May 13 SL19.110.1945 Mrs. Clarinda Francis
May 14
May 15 S3.11.1960 Thomas E.T. S8.49.1963 Marykutty John
May 16
May 17
May 18
May 19 SL15.77.1946 Miss. CelestinaSaminathan SL13.68.1969 Mrs. IndraniWickeremesinghe
May 20 K19.20.1931 Benedicta D’Souza
May 21 SL2.09.1965 Mrs. A. Anandarajah SL13.52.1975 Miss.ThushariDevasundera
May 22
May 23 K8.58.1955 Olivia Lewis S3. 06.1959 Rosy Correya
May 24
May 25 S8.46.1968 Janet M.
May 26 E1.04.1944 Mrs. Philomena Francis E1.09.1971 Ratna Francis S8.52.1972 Sudha M.
May 27
May 28 K3.37.1949 Lenny Ferrao K19.69.1970 Elizabeth Rani N3.12.1972 Rita Joseph N6.17.1972 Mary Khalkho
May 29 K5.114.1941 Patricia Pinto S8.48.1971 Joji P.T.
May 30 S1.27.1953 Anita Ozario S4.59.1965 A.R. Elizabeth Leena K4.102.1965 Leena D’Souza K15.89.1972 Shaila Davis
May 31 N6.18.1962 Teresa Xavier
June 1 K2.103.1946 Charlotte Gonsalves
June 2 R.I.P.
E19.11.2014 Philomena Lakra
June 3
June 4 K11.18.1932 Eliza Serrao
June 5
June 6 N11.19. 1967 Ellen Lawrence
June 7 S1.26.1945 Ruby Fernandez
June 8 K4.101.1937 V.M. Maria SL3.29.1945 Mrs. Lily Jeyarajah SL17.91.1960 Mrs.P.Fatima
June 9 SL17.92.1958 Mrs. M.Yogeswary
June 10 E3.20.1953 Emrenciana Soy
June 11 SL3.18.1941 Mrs. E.S Alfred
June 12 E3.21.1960 Magrita Baa
June 13 S4.62.1929 Marie Antonette
June 14 K16.99.1947 Deana Dodrigues
June 15
June 16
June 17
June 18 SL3.31.1950 Mrs.Agnes sachchithananthan K12.121.1959 Mary D’Souza
June 19 E1.08.1958 E.V. Thomas
June 20
June 21 K19.71.1956 GrettaPais
June 22 S1.37.1958 Olive Rosario
June 23 SL17.93.1947 Mary AlphonsiyaSelvaranne SL13.61.1957 Mrs.PadminiAmarasinghe K13.23.1960 Hilda Stella Lobo E4.01.1971 MrsTersaBogi
June 24
K1.01.1958 J.B. Lobo
June 25
E3.16.1950 Alberta Kujur
June 26
E13.36.1964 CleofaAchowe
June 27
SL13.58.1951 Mrs. FranciskaMagret
K3.50.1955 Hilda Andrade
June 28
June 29 K7.87.2016 Eunice Britto
June 30
SL3.26.1932 Mrs. IgnatiaThiyagarajah
SL10.37.1946 Mrs. Maureen Rodrigo
July 1
N3.10.1953 NikunjBala Francis
N11.21.1971 SuchithaKerketta
July 2
July 3
K19.66.1969 Maria Joseph
SL7.02. 1934 Mrs. A.F. Subramaniam
July 4
SL13.69.1950 Mrs.Elisabeth Fernando
SL2.13.1960 Mrs. M. Emmanuel
July 5
July 6
K13.26.1941 Juliana Lobo
July 7
E5.28.1959 ElizabetGansalves
SL17.104.1960 Mrs.Mary Calista
S3.8.1965 Cleeta Fernandez
July 8
July 9
July 10
SL30.122.1966 Mary Therese Selvarajah
July 11
July 12
K15.92.1962 Helen Mary
July 13
July 14
July 15
S1.34.1952 Lorraine Fonseca
July 16
K13.24.1943 Carmine D’Souza
S3.02.1953 Carmel LeenaD’Costa
July 17
July 18
S1.25.1937 Daphne Philomena Vogt
SL13.51.1947 Mrs. Marie Devasundera
July 19
K12.119.1957 Leena Pinto
E5.25.1958 T. Sandhya
July 20
July 21
E5.26.1963 Merry D’Costa
K6.65.1965 Rony D’Souza
July 22
July 23
SL17.102.1952 Mrs.Mary Gnanamalar
K3.42.1975 Shaila M. Fernandes
July 24
S1.28.1961 Yuonne Furtado
SL30.121.1949 Rose Mary Thadshanamoorthy
July 25
S9.20.1962 Daisy Sebastian
SL13.57.1963 Mrs. J.Vimalarasy
July 26
July 27
July 28
E13.35.1964 Agnes Lakra
July 29
July 30
K7.28.1943 Helen Mathias
K19.68.1973 JyothiButhello
SL3.33.2015 Mrs.RajeswaryDanial
July 31
August 1
August 2
S4.58.1941 Theressia George
E3.13.1948 Anastasia Ekka
K2.109.1952 SheelaTauro
S8.47.1959 Jerom T.P.
August 3
August 4
August 5
August 6
K3.40.1948 Justine Picardo
K3.38.1954 Marian Andrade
August 7
August 8
August 9
August 10
S11.42.1942 Mary George
August 11
K8.59.1938 Juliana Menezes
August 12
SL13.59.1952 Mrs.A.Arulmary
August 13
SL15.82.1951 Mrs. A. Lankavathy
SL15.84.1950 Mrs G. Vijaya
SL17.94.1960 Mrs. S.Mary Suwantha
August 14
K19.70.1973 MotchaRakini
August 15
SL3.23.1936Mrs.Rita Borgia ManualK11.17.1941 Assumpta Frank
K15.90.1947 Assunta Patrick
August 16
August 17
E4.2.1957 Mr. Xavier Kujur
August 18
August 19
SL15.76.1942 Mrs . N. Muthiah
August 20
August 21
August 22
SL13.64.1952 Mrs.M.G.Gunesekera
August 23
S11.41.1938 K.C. Kurian
August 24
August 25
SL3.28.1934 Mrs. A. Tharmarajah
August 26
August 27
August 28
August 29
August 30
N3.9.1953 Muriel Chhetri
August 31
September 1
K3.33.1945 Letitia Castelino
K3.47.1953 ReanySoares
September 2
SL13.60.1952 Mrs.A.Jayamary
September 3
K8.60.1938 Rosa D’Souza
SL13.54.1960 MrsJ.JosephineFranciska
September 4
September 5
September 6
S1.36.1939 Cecily Antony
SL10.38.2010 Mrs. Laura de Mel
September 7
E1.03.1925 Mrs. Olive Lennon
K9.09.1935 Philo Castelino
September 8
K16.97.1937 Rita Antonius
SL10.39.1948 Mrs. MallikaAbeysinghe
S9.18.1953 Mary Joseph
September 9
K12.117.1974 Divya D’Souza
September 10
September 11
September 12
September 13
K3.34.1948 Irene Alva
SL17.95.1957 Mrs. A.NewtyVith
S4.63.1967 Mini Sherli K.G.
September 14
September 15
K7.27.1949 Therese L. Cutinha
September 16
N6.14.1958 SarojiniKujur
September 17
September 18
SL2.05.1937 Mrs. S.M. Martin
September 19
K5.84.1947 Clifford D’Mello
K2.05.1960 BethsheebaFernandes
September 20
K7.29.1964 Mable V.S. D’Souza
September 21
September 22
September 23
September 24
September 25
September 26
K1.85.1943 Celine Rego
September 27
September 28
S1.24.1928 Agnes Mendoza
September 29
K13.22.1955 Dulcine D’Souza
K12.118.1971 VidyaD’Costa
September 30
E3.18.1958 Veronica Kindo
E5.33.1972 T.A. Anastasia
October 1
SL17.96.1943 Mrs.AnantharaneeJeyasingam
October 2
K3.43.1948 Teresa Veigas
S3.12.1955 Irene D’Cruz
October 3
S1.38.1942 Vera Moses
K7.30.1044 Lena Theresa Pinto
SL10.40.1048 Mrs. Grace Berty Charles
October 4
N11.20.1977 Jhuma Bandana Beck
October 5
E13.38.1946 Lucy Chetia
October 6
October 7
K2.105.1942 Cyprian Francis Pinto
October 8
October 9
October 10 SL3.32.2013 Mrs. Sita David
October 11
S1.22.1963 Maria D’Souza
October 12
K2.04.1939 CameliaMascarenhas
October 13
October 14
N3.11.1952 Pushpa Gabriel
K2.107.2016 Matilda D’Souza
October 15
S9.16.1968 Jaseentha Jose
October 16
SL19.106.1948 Mrs. Rosemary Cruz
SL17.99.1958 Mrs.KamaladeviJesunayagam
October 17
K3.35.1939 Dorothy Saldanha
SL3.27.1960 Mrs. Maria Silvia Soundararajah
October 18
S4.61.1948 Antony K.G.
October 19
K19.74.1973 Anitha Manuel
October 20
K14.53.1955 Irene Lobo
SL2.07.1969 Mrs. M. Kennedy
October 21
October 22
E1.10.1953 Audrey Smith
October 23
October 24
October 25
N1.1.1937 Mary Kuriakose
October 27
K16.96.1955 Leena D’Souza
SL2.03. 1933 Mrs. N.C. Emmanuel
October 28
S7.31.1949 A. Jessie
S3.05.1964 Leena Forte
K19.75.1972 Stella Antony
October 29
October 30
SL2.04.1966Mrs. S. Shanmunganathan
October 31
November 1
K14.52.1963 JacinthaFernandes
SL13.70.1974 Mrs.NirmalaLiyanage
November 2
November 3
November 4
SL17.98.1955 Grace RukmaryAnthonipillai
K2.06.1963 Jeevan Mario D’Souza
November 5
November 6
November 7
November 8
November 9
SL19.111.1942 Mary BernaKurukulaIdithia
November 10
November 11
S3.04.1955 Dr. Marykutty Mathew
November 12
S8.50.1972 Gisha C.J.
November 13
November 14
SL30.123.1966 Felicia Delima
November 15
K5.82.1951 Stella D’Souza
E3.23.1961 Veronica Indwar
S9.14.1967 Shoshamma
S8.54.1978 Bindu Thomas
November 16
November 17
K1.02.1938 Agnes Colaco
November 18
November 19
K3.48.1934 Irene Andrade
November 20
K8.62.1945 Rosy Fernandes
K19.73.1963 Clara Lobo
November 21
November 22
S1.35.1942 Freda Marian Boother
E5.31.1975 PratimaEddla
SL15.78. 1952 Mrs. Basil Johnson
SL15.83.1952 Mrs. J Polin
November 23
S9.15.1968 Reetha Roy
November 24
November 25
N6.15.1962 Angela Kandulna
November 26
K7.88.1941 Doris Fernandes
SL13.55.1956 Mrs. R.Agnes
November 27
November 28
November 29
K2.108.1950 Sylvia Rodrigues
November 30
K8.61.1964 GrettaD’Silva
December 1
N3.2.1956 Colleen Xavier
December 2
N3.3.1962 Dulcie Margaret Young
December 3
December 4
E5.29.1967 TrijaDhan
December 5
December 6
SL3.25.1947 Mrs. Rita GlanceyPaiva
December 7
December 8
K3.49.1933 Therese D’Silva
K5.113.1937 Dotty Pinto
K3.51.1942 Judith Martis
E3.17.1951 ApploniaEkka
S3.07.1952 Lily Forte
SL15.79.1968Mrs. T. Dasiy
December 9
December 10
December 11
SL17.100.1950 Mrs.N.Gnanapushpam
December 12
December 13
N3.5.1951 John Gabriel
SL3.34.2015 Mrs.PushparaniBahavatsing
December 14
E13.34.1948 Xavier Paulraj
S4.64.1974 Susy Johnson
December 15
December 16
December 17
SL3.30.1947 Mrs.GraceGnanenthran
E1.07.1962 Mrs. Mary Paul
December 18
SL15.80.1969 Mrs. G. Kaladevi
December 19
SL30.118.1951 Iruthaya Mary Rajakopal
December 20
SL13.62.1943 Mrs.Monica Hilary Joseph
S9.13.1971 Wilsy Simon
December 21
SL17.97.1938 Mrs.Catherine Vincent
December 22
December 23
K12.122.1952 Winnie Pinto
SL15.85.1950 Mrs. B. Shamini
SL3.21.1947Mrs.Margret Rose Manoharathas
December 24
SL10.36.1943 Mrs. Elaine Dharmadasa
December 25
SL17.101.1953 Mrs.Mary Emma
E3.22.1962 AmiyaBaxla
December 26
December 27
K13.77.1939 Mary D’Souza
E3.24.1950 Monica Kujur
K6.64.1962 Molly Olivera
December 28
K19.67.1944 Celine Picardo
December 29
December 30
K16.98.1970 Thelma Rosario
December 31
K14.55.1960 Cynthia D’Souza