Inspired by the life and example of Mother Veronica, the Apostolic Carmel Sisters reach out to the people, particularly the youth through education and faith formation in schools, colleges, welfare centres etc. by employing formal and non-formal techniques.



Drawing inspiration from Jesus Christ, the Supreme Teacher, protection from our Lady of Mount Carmel and direction from our Foundress Mother Veronica and expressing solidarity with all people, our Educational Institutions envisage the building of a God oriented Educative community to develop them as the precious Human Resource of our Society.

In order to promote an all round education to all, the Karnataka Province promotes educational, technical, social and cultural works under

The Apostolic Carmel Educational Society Karnataka and runs various kinds of institutions mentioned as below:

  • Higher Education
  • Pre University Colleges
  • Secondary Schools
  • Secondary Schools with Higher Primary
  • Higher Primary Schools



Having experienced the mercy of a loving and forgiving God individually and as a community, the sisters are moved by the struggles and sufferings of the people around and are compelled to alleviate their pain, uphold human dignity, empower the weak and promote Kingdom values, thus become the Compassionate Face of God.